Your Face-Painting Side hustle starts here

Are you a crafty mom looking to contribute to the household income? Or maybe you’re already working but could use a little extra income to pay down debt, cash-flow school or simply save up for a big purchase. Whatever the reason, starting your own small business can help make those financial goals a reality!

When I fell into face painting, I was working full-time with a long commute and I needed a creative outlet. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a side hustle but one thing led to another and I discovered that face painting was a lucrative skill! Not only that but I found it to be fun, flexible, low-stress and family friendly. That’s a win in my book!

If face painting is something you’re curious about, join the waitlist to be notified when the doors open for my Rae + Co. Insiders program. I invite new members in twice a year to this online mentorship program and teach them how to go from zero experience to building a marketable business.

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How to start your kit

Did you know there are more than 20,000 results for “face paint” on Amazon? If you want to get started with face painting but are overwhelmed with the amount of product available (like I was) this buyer’s guide is for you friend! This guide cuts through the noise in less than 10 minutes and will save you hours of time looking for the “right” supplies for your first kit.

This buyer’s guide includes:

  • recommended U.S. Based suppliers

  • household items checklist

  • Three kit levels to meet your budget

  • Product recommendations