Gift an experience.

Looking for a unique gift? Maybe you’d like to donate face painting services to your church or favorite charity for an upcoming event. Or maybe you know a Pinterest-loving party planner who wants to wow their guests at the next celebration, costume party or family reunion? E-Gifts can be purchased in any amount and applied toward a future booking.


11 Unique Ways to Use a Gift Card

  1. Surprise a birthday boy or girl with a face painting treat for the whole classroom! It’s peanut free and no prep required!

  2. Vacation bible school and faith-based events always need kid-friendly entertainment!

  3. Wrapping up a winning season of baseball/football/soccer/dance etc.? Add face painting to the wrap party!

  4. Hosting a large pumpkin-carving party in the fall? Keep the kids entertained when the carving stops.

  5. Is your local PTO / PTA hosting a spring/fall fundraising event? Sponsor face painting for a suggested donation.

  6. Hosting a kid-friendly baby shower by having a painter to keep kids entertained!

  7. Do you host a large annual BBQ, summer party or family reunion? Keep the kids occupied with painty fun.

  8. Does your subdivision organize a block party every year? Add face painting to the list of kid-friendly activities.

  9. Support a local benefit or charity in their fundraising efforts by sponsoring face painting for a suggested donation.

  10. Relieve some party-planning stress by offering face painting as a birthday present for the special kiddos in your life.

  11. Host a face paint-party! Great for tweens and adults. Learn how to face paint and practice on each other!