Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paints do you use?

The “paints” that I use are actually professional-grade theatrical makeup. These paints are FDA approved, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and safe for skin. I also use several cosmetic glitters and skin-safe adhesives to apply gems and special effects. The brands that you’ll find in my kit don’t come from the local craft store or even specialty beauty store. They include FAB, Diamond FX, TAG, Kryolan, Mehron, American Body Art and more.

Is it easy to wash off?

This is one of the most popular questions I get during an event. For that reason I prefer to use water-activated makeup because it rinses off easily with mild soap and water. Your adult guests and parents will appreciate that! However, it also means that it’s not sweat-proof or waterproof. If your event requires long-lasting special effects makeup let me know and I’m happy to talk about your options.

Does it stain?

Skin: Some traces of color may remain for a short period of time after washing. Greens, reds and purples tend to be the worst offenders. Some manufacturers recommend avoiding cleansers with oils (including baby wipes) which can push color into the skin and make it more difficult to wipe off.

Fabric: Yes, some colors can stain so it’s best to avoid fabric, carpet and upholstery if possible. In case of accidental contact, try spot cleaning the area with baby shampoo, liquid dish soap or an OxyClean-like product and loosen the paint with a toothbrush. Do not add water until the soap has loosened the makeup. Once loosened, add a small amount of warm water then blot or wet vacuum the area

How many guests can you paint per hour?

My number one priority is to provide a safe, clean and positive experience for your attendees. The estimates below assume that I take the time to start with a clean face, thoroughly rinse brushes between guests, change my water frequently and ensure that everyone is comfortable – especially if they’ve never been painted before!

With this in mind, I can do an estimated 6-8 full-face designs per hour and an estimated 10-12 eye or cheek designs per hour (assuming guests are ready to go one after another). Every event is unique and a more accurate estimate will be provided during your initial consultation along with recommendations and solutions.

More time for your guests means more time for sparkle, rad special effects and rock star treatment!

What are your hygiene practices?

During an event I take the time to start with a clean face by having facial wipes handy and thoroughly rinsing my brushes between guests. As my rinse-water jars get murky they are refreshed with new water. Many full-face designs require a sponge to apply a base layer; in those cases I use one sanitized sponge per child.

Sound like common sense? You’d think so! However, the face painting industry is not regulated so it’s up to each individual artist to determine their hygiene practices and provide a clean and safe experience for your guests.

After every event my kit is wiped down and my brushes are cleaned with an artist’s soap to remove oils and paint from the bristles. Sponges go through a preliminary hand-rinse and are then thrown in the washer on a sanitize cycle. Texture stencils are soaked in hot soapy water and hand-washed.

Is there anyone you can’t paint?

Keeping safety and hygiene as a top priority, I cannot paint:

  • Anyone with sensitive skin, sunburn or skin allergies

  • Anyone who appears to be sick with a runny nose, cough, cold, flu etc.

  • Anyone who appears to be suffering from contagious diseases such as pink eye, cold sores, eczema etc.

  • Anyone who has open sores or wounds

  • Children under the age of 2 due to sensitive skin and the likelihood of rubbing paint into the eyes. I will agree to paint upper arms or legs for this age group but the responsible guardian must be present.

Do you dress up?

With more than a decade of experience in the video production and live events industry, I am used to wearing “show blacks” behind-the-scenes and I have adopted this practice at my face painting events. There are two main reasons for this.

At every event there are a few late adopters, which typically include boys, teens and adults. Wearing black makes the experience feel a little more neutral, inclusive and approachable for all guests regardless of age or gender.

The second reason I like to wear black is to fade into the background. Your guests are the star of the show! By keeping my attire professional and neutral, I don’t steal their spotlight. Aside from my blacks, I usually paint my face and/or arm which comes in handy by showcasing an adult-friendly design. It is also a great conversation starter!