“You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out.”
- R.J. Palacio, Wonder


The mirror moment is something that all makeup artists understand and crave. That brief snapshot when your guest looks in the mirror and their face lights up. It’s someone who takes the risk to stand out and those around them say, “you look SO beautiful” or “that’s such a cool design buddy!”. A moment full of encouragement, affirmation, reassurance — and I’m addicted to it.

I’ve had a lot of “mirror moments” in my life. When you’re born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate it’s hard to avoid them. There was a long period of sad mirror moments during treatment that lasted well into my college years. And then there were the moments that came later on when I finally learned to be comfortable in my own skin. Now I face new (but familiar) territory as I help my youngest daughter navigate her own mirror moments with the same craniofacial anomaly, long treatment plan and unique challenges.

The Mirror Moment is my “why”. Your support not only helps me provide the care that my family needs but it also allows me to offer in-kind services and financial support to organizations that provide surgical and therapeutic care to underserved kiddos born with craniofacial anomalies. I think we can all agree that every child deserves to be happy and embrace their unique gifts, talents and imperfections.

So here’s to the “mirror moment”. Don’t miss it!


Katie Raebel

I’m an outdoor kinda gal, a mom of two active daughters and I love color. When I’m not painting faces, camping, climbing, hiking or biking… I’m likely doing something related to digital marketing, video production or live events. I prefer to hang out behind-the-scenes and love collaborating with a team of artists to produce something really awesome.



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The Rae in our name

Look at those two beauties. The kiddo on the left is my daughter, Nora Jane, not too long after a reconstructive lip repair surgery. And the knock-out gorgeous gal on the right is my baby sister Megan Rae.

On a frigid February night in 2016, Megan was carried to paradise at the age of 23 due to a tragic car accident. If you could name anyone who was 100% themselves, she would be at the top of your list. She was always known for her flawless eyebrows, impeccable makeup application and tasteful sense of fashion. She was never afraid to be herself, she affirmatively spoke her mind, and she always fought for her friends. Megan will forever be remembered for being quirky, sassy and completely honest (whether you liked it or not!). Little did she know her positivity and spirit radiated to everyone she met.

I know without a doubt that Megan would be a total rock star and elevate this company in ways I can only dream about. Until we meet again, I hope to make her proud and do good in her name. Fun fact: “Imperfection is beauty” was tattooed backwards on her collarbone so that when she looked in the mirror the reflection was correct.

Megan’s Makeup Tutorials

Everyday Makeup Tutorial: “Hello, my loves. I'm here with my everyday makeup routine! I personally love a full coverage foundation so I did start with my foundation routine, but feel free to skip this step if you're digging your current routine!”

Spring Glow Tutorial: “Hello lovies! I'm here with a quick tutorial on how to get that beautiful spring time glow we all desire. I use mostly drugstore makeup for those of you on a budget.”