Professional event experience you can trust.

You don’t pour your time and energy into event planning for nothing right? You want your guests to let loose, have an amazing time and share those Instagram-worthy moments. With more than a decade of behind-the-scenes video production and live event experience, you’re in good hands. Let’s collaborate!



Company picnics, grand openings, holiday parties, customer appreciation events fundraisers etc.



Charity rides, rock climbing competitions, finish-line celebrations, summer camps etc.



Birthday parties, family reunions, holiday parties etc.

We show up and make your life easy.


Is your date available? It’s easy to check our calendar and reserve your event date online! We’ll contact you to discuss your event’s unique requirements and get a booking agreement drafted for review. When we arrive on the day of your event (typically 30 minutes prior to start time) you can expect a clean, organized kit, a professional makeup chair for your guests and plenty of sparkle. If your event is being held outdoors, we ask that you provide a shaded area or shelter so that your guests aren’t sweating their makeup off or squinting those eyes! Don’t have one? Let us know and we can coordinate a rental.


The health and safety of your guests is my top priority.


Have you ever had a face painting experience that made you think “ick!”? Face painters know that professional, FDA approved theatrical makeup is formulated to be used in a back-to-back setting. The antimicrobial properties work hard to fight germs and bacteria that might be transferred from one person to another. But...your guests don’t know all that! That’s why I take the time to start with a clean face, rinse my brushes after every design, refresh my rinse-water frequently and use one sponge per guest.


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